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Infrastructure Provisioning and Retirement Support

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Gesuchte Skills: Support, Solaris, Library, Network


The Infrastructure Provisioning and Retirement Level 1 Support role is responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of large, highly utilized Servers to maximize reliability and recoverability. The candidate in this position will install, configure, and maintain the server environment, and analyze and resolve problems associated with server hardware and applications.


- Requires 1-2 years of related work experience, or AA degree, or technical training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
- Minimum of 1 year experience as a server administrator in an Application Server environment, ie Windows or similar
- Understanding of SLM and ITIL processes
- Knowledge of SOX environments


- Support server requests, logical builds in all supported Data Centers and server rooms. Build process includes operating system and required layered products (antivirus, backup agents, monitoring agents, clustering, etc.), completion of required qualification documentation to support compliance and any necessary burn-in.
- Install the VMware guest build following the server build process with the addition to track available VMware host capacity leveraging the processes and mechanisms.
- Fulfill requests for server clustering and retirement based on accepted clustering tools such as Microsoft Clustering and Veritas.
- Install Solaris global, local and branded zones following the server build process with the addition to track available Zone capacity leverage the processes and mechanisms.
- Manage all aspects of DMZ server builds including Firewall rule adjustment, IP address allocation, and coordination with application teams for completion of required testing.
- Prior to release of logical build, perform a system review and test to ensure configuration meets the provisioning request and that all aspects of the build are functioning correctly.
- Support server logical retirements from all supported Data Centers and server rooms which will include SOP and WI defined activities such as CMDB updates via an RFC, final backup co-ordination, network removal co-ordination, etc.
- Provide logical server restoration services in accordance with data retention policy.
- Provide monthly true-up reporting to demonstrate the reductions achieved via logical retirements.
- Coordinate with selected hardware maintenance providers to ensure removal of retired physical hardware from maintenance schedules. Provide monthly reporting to the Customer confirming/summarizing all reductions.
- Execute on required migration requests including P2V, V2V and P2P as needed utilizing predefined processes and work instructions.
- Provide post-migration support as required.
- Execute on physical server forklift requests including any pre-migration investigative tasks, and remediation activities.
- Execute on any data migration requests including any pre-migration investigative tasks, and remediation activities. Provide post-migration support as required.
- Execute provisioning and retirement events against established delivery dates.
- Technical issues involving any aspect of the provisioning or retirement service will be wholly managed by the candidate in this role.
- Conduct root cause analysis (RCA) and process adjustments as a result of continuous improvement to be implemented by the supplier.
- Provide, maintain and manage a definitive hardware and software module library for standard modules and build images.
- Provide provisioning and de-provisioning of virtual and non-virtual server instances based upon Approved Service Patterns such that the environment is ready for system use.
- Provide monitoring, security, antivirus and backup for all components during quick provisioning/de-provisioning activities.
- Provide immediate reallocation of resources for reuse following de-provisioning.
- Provide non-disruptive refresh to provisioned operating environment.
- Provide customer retrievable quick provisioned/de-provisioned reporting/data for performance, capacity, and utilization.
- Provide software license management and compliance for Quick Provisioned assets and capabilities.
- Integrate with supporting infrastructure components and backup and recovery capabilities.
- Provide release and patch currency for all quick provisioned components.
- In collaboration with the customer establish acceptable thresholds for utilization of all shared infrastructure resources including storage (SAN/NAS), virtual technologies (Solaris Zones, VMware), and shared application environments (web hosting, database and mid-tier).
- Monitor all virtual services infrastructures to ensure utilization is within pre-defined target levels. This to include VMware and Solaris Zones environments. Identify opportunities to reclaim capacity or to increase stacking ratios to more effectively consume physical resources.


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