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In Vitro Assay Producer

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- Performs cell culture in various formats, cell line maintenance, assay performance and data analysis.
- Executes daily cell culture processes for in vitro transporter assays.
- May provide interpretation of transporter kinetics data obtained from various in vitro tools such as transfected cell lines.
- May assess new chemical entities (NCEs) as transporter substrates/inhibitors and to predict drug-drug interaction liability.
- Works closely with other scientists in the group to provide a battery of cell assays in support of the worldwide R&D portfolio.
- Runs assays to assist scientific staff to quantitate transporter activity in various organs.


Hands-on skills working with mammalian gene transfected cell lines, experiment preparation/performance, data analysis and summarize findings.


B.S./M.S. in pharmaceutical/biochemistry/biology or a related field. Hands-on experience with mammalian cell cultures including stable cell lines and primary isolated cells. Hands-on experience with multiple cell lines and various formats, eg culturing cells on inserts in 24 or 96-well formats. Excellent team work and communication skills. Strong computer and mathematical skills. 1 + years of experience in cell culture. In-depth experience with cell culture processes. Prior experience with in vitro ADME transporter studies - assay development, conducting experiments, data analysis and data interpretation in transporter transfected cell lines or primary cell systems. Have the ability to execute experiments for various culture formats. Knowledge of cell biology, ability to utilize technologies including single-use cell culturing, computer and mathematical background, teamwork and communication skills. Knowledge of transporters, hepatocytes systems, enzymes, cell culture and/or in vivo models is preferred but not required. Cell/Tissue Culture experience (1-3 years) desired.


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